Red Humped Caterpillar

Subject: Unknown caterpillar consuming Indigobush & Serviceberry
Location: Reston VA
September 28, 2015 5:52 pm
Please identify a caterpillar for me and if it’s a butterfly or moth; 3 pictures attached. Many of the same caterpillar are consuming an Indigobush and have moved on to a nearby Serviceberry.
Signature: Margaret Grieshaber

Red Humped Caterpillar
Red Humped Caterpillar

Dear Margaret,
Your Red Humped Caterpillar,
Schizura concinna, will become a moth in the family Notodontidae.   According to BugGuide, Red Humped Caterpillars:  ” feed on a wide range of woody plants, from many different families.”

Dear Daniel – Thank you very much for a quick reply!  Believe we’ll just let it happen and not do anything to disturb them. Thanks again, Margaret

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