Red Headed Ash Borer

wingless hornet?
Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 6:19 AM
recentle, january 2009 i did ground work and constructed a garage now each morning i find a few bugs slow crawling as to a woken slumber on my ceiling. They appear to be a wingless hornet with an ants head.they have 6 legs the front 2 are smaller than the rest .and 2 antenni. i am used to all the mites and chiggers and every other species we have do to our mild winters this is a new one for me. thanks for your help.
unseen species.
SE kansas

Red Headed Ash Borer
Red Headed Ash Borer

Dear unseen species,
This is a Red Headed Ash Borer, Neoclytus acuminatus, a Long Horned Borer Beetle that mimics a wasp as a defense mechanism.  The larvae bore in wood, and it is possible that some of the lumber used in your construction had beetle larvae that eventually metamorphosed and emerged.  The adult beetles have soft flying wings covered by hard elytra, the forewings, and though your specimen appears wingless, it does possess wings and is very capable of flight.  We often receive reports of Red Headed Ash Borers emerging from firewood indoors.

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  1. I cut down an ash tree and the bark fell off . I caught an all red bug that looks like a beetle I am aware of the Emerald Ash borer Beetle but this is all red with 6 legs . Is it destructive ?


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