Red Headed Ash Borer

Subject: Possible wasp mimicking grasshopper
Location: Sacramento, CA
April 18, 2015 7:55 pm
My wife saw this out with the kids. It’s springtime here in Sacramento. She said it looked like a grasshopper, but had a sharp looking abdomen that looked a like a stinger. She didn’t think it was a wasp. She did say it was capable of flight, so she couldn’t get any closer to the insect before it flew off.
I’m an avid bug hunter, but I’m new to this area. We keep finding new and different insects that keep stumping me.
Signature: Stumped bug guy

Red Headed Ash Borer
Red Headed Ash Borer

Dear Stumped bug guy,
This Red Headed Ash Borer,
Neoclytus acuminatus, is actually a beetle that mimics a wasp.

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