Red Headed Ash Borer

Subject: Stripes & only 4 legs – what is it?
Location: South Orange, NJ
March 30, 2014 12:08 pm
Just found this guy crawling up my LR window & escorted him (or her) outside. The torso is about 1″.
Haven’t seen this before. Any idea what it is?
Signature: Thanks! Lory

Red Headed Ash Borer
Red Headed Ash Borer

Dear Lory,
This is a Red Headed Ash Borer, a beetle with a larva that bores in the wood of ash and other trees.  When we get reports of Red Headed Ash Borers indoors, especially in the winter, we ask if the querant has firewood indoors, as the adults will emerge prematurely from the wood infested with larvae if the indoor temperatures expedite the maturing process.
  Red Headed Ash Borer have six legs like other insects, and you can see a fifth leg on the left side of your image near the head.  The sixth leg might be missing or just hidden from view.  Red Headed Ash Borers are thought to mimic stinging wasps as a form of protective mimicry since the beetles do not sting.

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