Red Flat Bark Beetle

Subject: Unknown Bug at Yale BC
Location: Yale, BC
April 18, 2015 9:10 pm
My friend sent me this photo of a scarlet bug on his fire pit at Yale, BC but I have been unable answer his question as to what it is. I am sure I have seen it myself many years ago, but have not been able to find reference to it on the internet.
Signature: James

Red Flat Bark Beetle
Red Flat Bark Beetle

Dear James,
This looks like a Red Flat Bark Beetle,
Cucujus clavipes, and we suspect is was living on some wood your friend was going to burn in the fire pit.  According to Your Piece of the Planet:  “The Red Flat Bark Beetle, Cucujus clavipes, is typically found under the bark of ash and poplar.  Its flat shape allows it to easily move around under bark, and sometimes even into the tunnels of destructive wood borers and bark beetles, which it likes to eat.  This is beneficial, as it helps limit wood borer and bark beetle damage to the tree.”

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