Red Flat Bark Beetle

Subject: Cucujus clavipes
Location: Wellington, Colorado
September 22, 2012 10:48 pm
I decided to do some bug searching with one of my three sons today and it ended being all four of us. We have an old cottonwood stump that I cut down and we decided to pull away some of the bark to see what was going on. Upon pulling it off and getting past the centipedes, we saw two very unique beetles. One I was able to identify using bug guide!
So I’m submitting my pictures as I haven’t seen them on What’s that bug for a while.
Signature: Fish Seal

Flat Red Bark Beetles

Dear Fish Seal,
Thanks for submitting your images of Red Flat Bark Beetles,
Cucujus clavipes.  We have not posted a new image of the species since 2010.  The Florida State Collection of Arthropods has some additional information on the family.  It seems like your images were reduced in size and resolution.  We can easily accept images with a higher resolution in order to provide the highest quality for our readership.

Flat Red Bark Beetle

I’m sorry about how the pictures came through.  I have attached the full pictures.

Thanks.  We are making a swap, but that takes additional time.  Please submit full size files in the future.


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