Red Eyed Devil: Greater Arid-Land Katydid

What kind of bug is this?
July 27, 2009
We walked outside of the apartment to find this big huge green bug. We could not figure out what kind of bug it was. At first we thought it might be some sort of cricket or locus, but we could not find a picture online similar to it. Our town is between a city and country.
Portland, TX

Greater Arid-Land Katydid
Greater Arid-Land Katydid

Hi Athena,
We just love that according to BugGuide, the Greater Arid-Land Katydid, Neobarrettia spinosa, is also known as a Red Eyed Devil.  Unfortunately, your photo that shows the red eyes is quite blurry, but we are posting it anyway.  The ovipositor indicates that this is a female.  This is a predatory species.  Also according to BugGuide, it may bite and draw blood.

Red Eyed Devil
Red Eyed Devil

2 thoughts on “Red Eyed Devil: Greater Arid-Land Katydid”

  1. How do I post a picture? ? I have a good one. I rescued one in my bedroom so it wouldn’t be a cat snack. It repaid me by biting three fingertips, and also my wrist. Hard! Haha. Left a red mark. I put it out the window and thought I must have tasted like something good.


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