Red Eyed Devil

Subject: ”Red Eyed Devil
Location: My home, Bastrop County, Texas, USA
July 26, 2012 4:28 pm
Thank you for answering regarding my question about the red eyed devil. Yes the picture was taken in 2007 but they were not a real problem then. Didn’t know about you guys. Sorry its taken so long to git back to you but had a stroke and was in the hospital. Is the attached picture also red eyed devil? Came across it putting out trash. Its body was about 3 inches long and is not shaped the same.
Signature: Peggie Gustafson

Female Red Eyed Devil

Hi Peggie,
Yes, this is a Red Eyed Devil and she is a female as evidenced by that impressive ovipositor that you have partially cropped out of this photograph.  To Be Continued….
We wanted to go back through our archives to locate your previous submission so that we would have a better understanding of your question.  The body shape of the individuals in each of your submitted photographs looks very similar to us.  We hope your recovery from the stroke is swift.

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