Red Cotton Stainers in the Philippines

Subject:  Can you please ID this assasin bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Antipolo Philippines
Date: 11/09/2017
Time: 06:02 AM EDT
Hi Bugman!
Can you please identify what species of Assasin bug these guys are. I caught them on one of my Okra plants and they are adorable.
How you want your letter signed:  Mohammad Mehdi Saatchi

Red Cotton Stainer

Dear Mohammad,
Though it resembles an Assassin Bug and though it is classified in the same order as Assassin Bugs, this Red Cotton Stainer is actually a member of the Red Bug family Pyrrhocoridae.  We verified your Red Cotton Stainer’s identity as
Dysdercus cingulatus thanks to Project Noah.

Red Cotton Stainers

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