Red-banded Fungus Beetle and probable Larvae

Coolest Fungus Beetle on EARTH!
I have attached two photos taken at Skidaway Island State Park in GA during the month of August this year. One is of a fungus beetle that I think is Megalodacne fasciata. I observed that beetle (and many of its friends) on one of my favorite mushrooms, Ganoderma lucidum. A couple weeks later, that same patch of mushrooms in the same location had these cool looking larvae infesting them. I have not been able to verify that these larvae are those of Megalodacne fasciata, I just assume. I have seen horned fungus beetles on these same mushrooms. I checked bugguide for larval images with no luck. What do you think? Are these Megalodacne fasciata larvae? You guys rock!

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for sending your awesome photos of a Red-Banded Fungus Beetle, Megalodacne fasciata, and potentially the larvae of the same species. We located a nice site with good information, but we did not have any luck locating images of the larvae online. We will contact Eric Eaton to get his opinion, but our gut feeling is that we are inclined to agree with your speculation based on compelling circumstantial evidence.

Update: (08/26/2008)
Hi Daniel:
I would tend to agree with the conclusion reached re: the fungus beetle and larvae. Nice work by the person who discovered this.
Eric Eaton

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