Subject: Red Admiral butterfly
Location: Mercer county NJ
October 7, 2012 3:04 pm
I’m more and more amazed at the butterflies I keep finding as I actually start to look for them. I usually go crayfish hunting at lunch and have gotten some very nice pictures like the one below and sometimes a new addition to my fish tanks.I’ve almost stopped looking for crayfish the last couple of months to try and find, identify and take pictures of new butterflies before the cold weather kills them or forces them to migrate. My latest is this Red Admiral. As always thanks for being such a great source of information and great pictures
Signature: David from NJ

Red Admiral

Hi David,
We are happy to hear you find our website so helpful and we are definitely benefiting from your fine photographic additions.  Your Red Admiral photo is quite lovely.  Though many Red Admirals migrate, we thought we recalled information that Red Admirals may hibernate as well, and we found some information on the Convention on Biological Diversity website, though that British website is speaking about the Eurasian population of this species since Red Admirals are found throughout the northern Hemisphere.  The site states:  “Some individuals don’t migrate, especially when there is a gentle winter. They will hide in small holes and hibernate waiting for warmer days.”  We are very intrigued with your interest in crayfish.  When in our childhood, we had a small crayfish in a tropical aquarium, but it was returned to a local pond after it caught and ate our Serpae Tetra.  Just yesterday we made a trip to the local aquarium store, Tropical Imports, and we noticed they had several red crayfish that resembled boiled lobsters in color.


I’ve been studying/collecting crayfish for about 3 years now. I’ve learned to identify the species from NJ and a few others. It’s a fun hobby and ties in well with my other hobbies of fishing and exploring the outdoors. I always find myself turning over rocks and logs in and along the water so I tend to come across a lot of wildlife. That’s where Whatsthatbug comes in so handy. Between your website, various forums and state wildlife sites I’ve done a pretty good job of educating myself (hurray internet lol).
So thank you again for having such a great site and such friendly staff. The red crayfish you saw at the pet store are most likely Procambarus clarkii commonly called the Red Swamp crayfish. They are the ones you see at crayfish boils in Louisiana and are very common down south. I have the dubious distinction of being one of the few people to know that they are found in NJ now as an invasive species.

Location: New Jersey

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