Ornate Moth subspecies of Rattlebox Moth

Found in Kansas City
Location: Northern Missouri
October 24, 2010 8:41 am
This fella was found in a conservation area, in Kansas City, Missouri.
Signature: Dee

Ornate Moth

Hi Again Dee,
We discovered on BugGuide that “Utetheisa ornatrix & Utetheisa bella were formerly considered separate species; now they are considered subspecies (Utetheisa ornatrix ornatrix and Utetheisa ornatrix bella, respectively) of a single species
” known as the Rattlebox Moth.  Your photo is of the subspecies also known as the Ornate Moth, Utetheisa ornatrix ornatrix.  According to Bugguide:  “The mostly pink or yellow ‘bella’ form is common and widespread, whereas the paler ‘ornatrix’ form is restricted to southern Florida and southern Texas” which means your photo from Kansas City is a good bit north of the typical range of this subspecies.  If your photos were taken at times radically different from when they are submitted, please include that information.

I took the photo of the Ornate Moth in July, 2010, in Northwestern Missouri. It was at a conservation area called Monkey Mountain, in Grain Valley, Missouri, a suburban area on the Eastern side of Kansas City

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