Raspy Cricket from Australia

Subject: What’s in my sister’s roses?
Location: Sydney, Australia
May 21, 2016 7:55 am
My sister lives in northern Sydney, Australia, and is a photographer. She doesn’t know what beastie it is hiding in her roses but she’d like to! I have been unfortunately useless. Lots of people are suggesting earwig, but it doesn’t look like an earwig to me at all. Any help greatly appreciated!
Signature: Natalie Lyndon

Raspy Cricket
Raspy Cricket

Dear Natalie,
Though they often take refuge in rose blossoms, this is definitely NOT an Earwig.  We believe this is a Raspy Cricket in the family Gryllacrididae.  This image from Dave’s Garden looks very similar, and you can find additional information on the Brisbane Insect site where it states:  “They usually spend the daytime in burrows or in leaves shelters. Both adults and nymphs produce silks by their mouthparts. They lay silk to line burrows wall or hold leaves together. Some build burrows or leaves retreats similar to those made by spiders.”

Fantastic! Thanks, Daniel. My sister will be pleased to know!

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