Raspberry Pyrausta Moth!

I finally ID’d that pink and white micro moth!
Please reference previous subject line: " Hello Cutey! Pink & White moth June 26, 2006 "
Hi again, After just sending a moth photo to you earlier today, I came across this little cutey flitting around my kitchen. Her length is 6/16ths inches from snout to wing tip and the same measurement across, from wing tip to wing tip while sitting still in the position seen in the photo. She’s a very nervous type, and it was hard to get this shot as she would take off every time I got near. Luckily, she’s not a very strong flier so she never went far. Can you help identify it? I’m thinking Tiger moth family? Again, I’m in the Chicago area, in Kane County, Illinois and this is another first time spotting this type of moth. It’s a real blessing to be seeing so many moths this year after they sprayed our whole area for gypsy moths a couple years ago and it effectively exterminated most butterflies and moths as well. 🙁 Thanks for having such an awesome site to come to with questions. I almost always find the id’s I’m looking for, or at least something in the same family to put me in the right direction. Cheers! Michelle

Hi again, I dropped you a line asking about this moth but now I’ve gotten my answer. It’s a Raspberry Pyrausta Moth! (Pyrausta signatalis) Appropriate name considering the beautiful color, don’t you think? Though many of this subfamily of micro moths are considered crop pests, this particular one’s larval form feeds on mints (the plants of course! LOL) I was wondering if that might make it taste bad to predators? Or at least it would give them better breath! LOL You can see it for identification on the "moth photographers group" website. (I also sent you a note about this cool site today, in case you’d never seen it) Here’s the link to the page with this moth on it:
It’s number 5034 on plate number 25.1 , according to a Mr. Bob Patterson of Bob’s Entomology Hobby in Maryland (he’s a contributor of that website " photographers group"
Also found it on their Live Moth plates on this page. This is where you can see them as they naturally pose when alive. Lastly, I did find it on the BugGuide site eventually, though their pic was of a vary worn out dull looking moth, I didn’t recognize it when I was looking there before. I have sent them my pic in case they’d like to use it too. Have a great day!
Michelle Nash – Official Nature Nut
PS – I sooooo love your site!

Hi Michelle,
Thank you for following up on your original letter. We get as many as 100 requests per day and have no staff. Only the tiniest fraction can be posted and a few more are given brief answers. As we did not immediately recognize your moth, it was on the back burner until we had time for research. Thank you so much for giving us all the information you discovered. Imagine that amount of web research x 100 letters per day, plus time to reformat and post to a website, and perhaps you will understand our situation.

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