Squished at 55 mph
Hi Bugaholics!
I was driving home from work the other day, and a breathtakingly beautiful beetle hit my windshield. I thought I’d been hit by a rock! The poor critter dropped into the area where the windshield wipers attach, and bedazzled me for the rest of the ride home. Unfortunately, he/she was a bit … um … disassembled. I tried to put various parts basically back into place without much luck. Surely this is a good specimen for the carnage section. So, what the heck kind of beetle is it? Wildlife has always interested me, and I have always been fascinated by bugs; but I’ve never seen this type before.

Hi Raven,
We are sorry to disappoint you, but unintentional insecticide does not belong on our unnecessary carnage pages which are reserved of conscious killing. We don’t hold you responsible for not breaking for this poor, misdirected Rainbow Scarab that flew directly into your path of travel, unless of course you were distracted by talking on the cell phone. We are thrilled to post your photo to our beetle section and our homepage. The Rainbow Scarab, Phanaeus vindex, is actually a Dung Beetle.

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