More Rain Beetles: Pleocoma hovorei

Subject: Pleocoma hovorei La Rue 2007
Location: Paynes Creek, Tehama Co. California,USA
January 26, 2016 10:04 am
I went up to Paynes creek off of Highway 36 , west of Red Bluff on November 15, 2015 and set up my Home Made Black lights Vein Traps at 5:00 am and waited. It had and was raining @ 48 degree ambriant air temp with light winds. Soon several nice Black Pleocoma males started flying and several went into the traps and several went right by with me … with me chasing right after them in a hurry even with my net ! Soon 6:45 am sounded shut down time and I packed it up . These Shiny Black ” Little Fuzzy Butts ” were named after my Mentor from the 1960’s and 1970’s , the Late ” Frank Hovore ” a Giant of the Entomology World and One Great Man . He is missed by all. Gene St. Denis -Sierra Nevada Research- South lake Tahoe , California , USA
Signature: Gene St. Denis

Rain Beetle: Pleocoma hovorei
Rain Beetle: Pleocoma hovorei

Good Morning Gene,
We are so lucky that you continue to provide us with a diverse sampling of the unique California Rain Beetles.  We see your images are also featured on BugGuide.  We also located this marvelous YouTube video of mating
Pleocoma hovorei.

Rain Beetle: Pleocoma hovorei
Rain Beetle: Pleocoma hovorei

3 thoughts on “More Rain Beetles: Pleocoma hovorei”

  1. What an awesome story that they were named after your mentor! They remind me of our June Bugs which are pretty awesome.
    They are glorious little beings and I love the fancy antennae and furry leggings.

  2. Glad to see one named after Frank. Was too trained by Frank and knew him for 33 years. Sure do miss him. Was at the BioQuip open house yesterday and noticed an unidentified Pleocoma from Tehama County … am guessing that was Hovorei? May have to get one next time I am over there.


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