Railroad Worm

Subject: Beautiful Centepede/Millipede
Location: Jordan Lake/ Chapel Hill, NC
April 18, 2015 9:29 pm
Tonight I came across this photo from a couple of years ago. At the start of fall, I pulled a blanket out of a plastic storage container. When I opened it up this bug fell out. It was about 5 inches long. It’s beautiful but I didn’t dare touch it! I grabbed a container from the trash and scooped up the bug, took a quick pic and tossed it outside. I’ve been wondering what it was ever since!
Signature: Frightened of Beauty

Railroad Worm
Railroad Worm

Dear Frightened of Beauty,
This is a Railroad Worm, the larva of a Glowworm Beetle in the family Phengodidae and probably in the genus
Phengodes because of its similarity to this image posted on BugGuide.  As the name indicates, these larvae are bioluminescent, and had you had the opportunity to view this Railroad Worm in the dark, you would have been treated to a light show.

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