Subject: Butterfly
Location: Wilson Co Tennessee
September 24, 2012 7:04 am
I was visiting a friend & so happen to have my camera with me & got a shot of this beauty resting on an old log building. plus I took a photo of a smaller butterfly that I have never seen before. Just curious as to what they are. Thanks in advance Bugman.
Ms Nichols
Signature: Ms Nichols


Dear Ms Nichols,
This lovely butterfly is one of the members in the genus
Polygonia that are named after punctuation marks because of silver markings on the ventral surface of the underwings.  Your individual is a Comma, and you may read more about it on Bugguide.  The species page for the Eastern Comma on BugGuide states this distinguishing feature:  “On upper forewing of Question Mark, there is a row of four dark ‘postmedian’ spots, but only three in the Comma and other Polygonia species.”  Your other butterfly is a Crescent in the genus Phyciodes, and according to BugGuide, there are 18 similar looking species in North America.


Location: Tennessee

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