Queen Bumblebee

Subject: Giant Bee!
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
May 3, 2013 1:49 pm
This giant bee flew into my office not once, but twice! Early May, Toronto, ON Canada.
Very aggressive, about 2” long, maybe 0.5” thick. Was trying to sting the windowsill, left venom where it had stung the metal windowsill. Once caught in a cardboard box it could be heard and felt stinging the box…!
Signature: Best, Claire

Queen Bumblebee
Queen Bumblebee

Dear Claire,
Based on the behavior and size you described of the insect in this instagram image (not ideal for species identifications), we deduce this is a female Bumblebee recently emerged from Hibernation.  She is a aggressive because she wants to build her hive in some abandoned underground mouse burrow or bird house.

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  1. she must have been really very worried being trapped against a window after hibernation which is why she was attempting to warn off what was getting in the way… I hope you released her outside so that she could find a place to nest…. bumblebees are not normally aggressive but they do panic if trapped…..


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