Pumpkin Spider, AKA Marbled Orbweaver

Beautiful Spider
Location: Muscatine, IA
November 11, 2011 6:52 pm
Dear bugman,
While hiking today at Wild Cat Den, me and my girlfriend came across this spider, at first it was just dangling from it’s web, chillin’ in mid air then descended to the ground. I’ve never seen a spider with such bright colors and intricate designs like this in my area and was wondering if you could help identify what kind of spider this is. Getting close to winter right now, it was probably around 50 degrees at the time. Hope that’s enough information to get an id!
Signature: bugbro

Pumpkin Spider

Dear bugbro,
Your spider is a highly variable orbweaver known as
Araneus marmoreus, and not all individuals have the bright orange coloration that your specimen exhibits.  The orange variation is common enough to warrant the common name of Pumpkin Spider, which we believe refers to the color as well as the Halloween seasonal appearances of the adult spiders that will die with the oncoming winter conditions.  The species is also known as the Marbled Orbweaver.

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  1. Saw a marbled orb on a walk with my boys today in Noblesville, IN. Very creepy-had never seen any spiders like this before. Thought it had been transplanted from the rain forest! 😉


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