A Huge Crab Spider
Location:  Franklin, Tennessee
November 5, 2014
I took a pic of this guy in Franklin, TN. (A town just south of Nashville.). It’s the biggest crab spider I’ve ever seen. He was on the ground in the middle of a path where he’d get squished. I moved him gently to a vine covered fence.
I thought you would like it!
Thank you!
Evie petersen

Beautiful Pumpkin Spider

Beautiful Pumpkin Spider

EEd. Note:  our initial terse response.
pumpkin spider is actually Orbweaver, not Crab Spider

Dear Evie,
We were rushed this morning when we gave you a terse response.  We did not have a chance to tell you we think your image of a Pumpkin Spider, the orange variant of the Marbled Orbweaver, is beautiful.

Location: Franklin, Tennessee

7 Responses to Pumpkin Spider

  1. How beautiful, but it would scare the heck out of me. I hope I would have been brave enough to move it, but I fear not.

  2. Beautiful! I have to look back through some summer photos – this may be what I saw on a sidewalk in Gardiner, MT, near an apple tree. I did the same thing as Evie – moved him off the sidewalk so he wouldn’t get squished. Beautiful and very big!

  3. gee says:

    i came across one of these pumpkin spiders today and i thought it was a little crab too. I have never seen one before and with the cold northern ohio weather was very curious. Thank you so much for your site and info. Really glad to know it is a shy harmless spider. (Tiffin,Ohio)

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