Puddling Eastern Tailed Blues

Subject: Grey hairstreaks puddling
Location: Baltimore Maryland
July 19, 2014 1:33 pm
While out walking in my local park I came across a puddle where some Grey hairstreak male butterflies had gathered and wanted to share the picture with you guys 🙂
Signature: R.W

Puddling Eastern Tailed Blues
Puddling Eastern Tailed Blues

Dear R.W.,
Your image of puddling Gossamer Winged Butterflies is quite beautiful, however we would like to correct your identification.  We believe these are Eastern Tailed Blues,
Cupido comyntas, not Gray Hairstreaks.  Compare the markings on the images of Eastern Tailed Blues on BugGuide to the images of Gray Hairstreaks on BugGuide, and we believe you will agree with our correction.

I do agree and thank you for the correction, I was going vaguely based on memory of past books I’ve borrowed from the library- I wish you guys the best and have a safe summer.

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