Pseudosphinx tetrio (Tetrio Sphinx Moth)

REF: Beautiful Unknown Caterpillar (10/05/2004) What’s That Bug?
Hi Daniel!
I think the Aldermans’ “Beautiful unknown caterpillar” is a Pseudosphinx tetrio (Tetrio Sphinx Moth) we get them all the time in our garden feeding on our Plumeria trees (Frangipani) and sometimes on the ficus. They are really ravenous feeders. I am sending you a picture of a bunch of them collected by my kids (to save our trees), they love to see them pupate and later become moths , which they release back in the garden. More information can be found on this site By the way, great site.
Erika Schwarz Wilson
Istana, Barbasquillo
Manta- Ecuador

Thank you so much for help in the identification Erika. Please keep sending us photos from Ecuador.

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