Subject: Creepy thing I found in my bAthroom
Location: Manitoba Canada
March 27, 2016 3:13 am
Found this bug in my seasonal home. Year or 2 back I found one filled with eggs, I thought I ended my battle with these creepy things. But they’re now back. My 3yo freaked out cause she found one in her potty. Now she won’t use a toilet unless it’s pristine cause “there’s spiders in it.”
Signature: Elegantly


This is a harmless Pseudoscorpion.

K, but where are they coming from ? What do they survive on?

They come from a previous generation of Pseudoscorpions.  According to BugLife:  “Using a gland in their jaws pseudoscorpions can make disc shaped cocoons which can be used for mating, moulting or to provide shelter in cold weather. The males of some pseudoscorpion species use an elaborate mating dance by tapping their legs and abdomens to ensure that the eggs of the female become fertilised. The female will make a nest from silk and debris and will lay between 2 and 50 eggs into a brood pouch under her abdomen. Pseudoscorpions moult several times before they reach adulthood and once they reach this stage can live up to three years.”  They are predators that feed upon small insects and other Arachnids and they are considered beneficial.  More information can be found in our archives and on BugGuide.

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