Subject: Small bed bug
Location: Winnipeg Manitoba
October 17, 2012 8:12 pm
Hey! did a google search and you guys came up. Found a couple of these guys in our bed the other day, was under the impression bed bugs were very small. Doesn’t seem like a flea either. i have know idea. There about as big as a small woodtick, about a quarter as big as your pinky nail. Very flat. We saw about 6 of them. Any help would be awesome, thanks!
Signature: Trevor Johnson


Hi Trevor,
This is a harmless Pseudoscorpion, and since they are predators, they will feed upon Bed Bugs.  We would urge you to tolerate their presence and hopefully they will keep your bed and home free of unwanted pests.

Location: Canada

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  1. Fly says:

    Found one while reading a book at Wasagaming (Riding Mountain National Park) Manitoba June 30, 2019. These things seem to be ubiquitous but it is the first I’ve ever seen. Is there a lot of variety in this order?

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