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Location:  Wellington, Colorado
June 25, 2011 5:26 pm
Dear WTB,
I have been following for a while and we have used it to identify a few interesting insects.  Being a biologist, Ichthyologist, I love biology. Most of the bugs I find, I know already, but I have something in interest for you.  Today, 25 June 2011, I just found our first Pseudoscorpion in Wellington, Colorado, USA.
I have a lot of macro photos, digital in JPEG format that I would like to share with you.  Some of the photos have a scale (mm) and some with UV blacklight (personal interest in trying to find scorpions) trying to see if they glow like scorpions.
Please email me and I’ll return with about 10 to 12 pics of closeups of the pseudoscorpion.
Thanks for all the work you do and I love the bug carnage as well as the identification.
You will also notice a red scale across the bottom of some of the pictures.  This is a ruler and the increments are millimeters.  This little guy was approximately 7 to 8 mm in lenth.
Enjoy and if there are any bugs in my area that are of interest for photography, please let me know.
Signature: Sean Seal


Hi Sean,
Thanks so much for sending your photos.  It is interesting to learn that Pseudoscorpions do not glow under UV light the same way that regular Scorpions glow.  Phenomena like glowing under ultraviolet light might be evidence that certain creatures are able to “see” under different conditions, though this is purely conjecture.  Pseudoscorpions are harmless predators that are frequently mistaken for ticks by many people.


Pseudoscorpion under Ultraviolet Light



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Location: Colorado

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