Scorpion Tick?
Location: Mt. Bethel, PA
November 10, 2010 7:16 pm
My daughter found this odd looking tick-like bug in the bathroom.
Signature: Chris


Hi Chris,
Though your photograph is little more than a silhouette, the outline of the harmless Pseudoscorpion is unmistakable.  Pseudoscorpions are frequently mistaken for ticks.  Pseudoscorpions are also frequently found inside homes where they prey upon unwanted visitors.  They possess no venom so they are perfectly harmless.

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2 thoughts on “Pseudoscorpion”

  1. Can they do any harm with those pincers? How can I induce these beneficial little creatures to share my living space with me? I don’t use professional or conventional extermination but instead would like to keep my home free of pests naturally by encouraging harmless predator bugs to take up residence. I hate chemicals and generally abide by the “live and let live” rule but I’m sure even What’s that bug? will agree that some species of insect are better when found outside. I see no problem in allowing harmless predators to indulge in their natural food source within my walls as long as I’m not likely to wake up and find one sitting on my nose, lol.

    • Pseudoscorpions are perfectly harmless. Though they would naturally be found outdoors, we rarely if ever receive images of Pseudoscorpions in a natural environment, yet we receive numerous images of Pseudoscorpions from inside homes, leading us to believe they have adapted quite nicely to cohabitation with humans.


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