Pseudoscorpion on Monitor
December 31, 2009
Dear Bugman,
I thought you might enjoy this pseudoscorpion as much as I did. I usually have one or two of them in the bathroom, but this is the first time that one showed up on the computer monitor.
These critters certainly look creepy, but ever since I read up on them after discovering the first one in said bathroom, I do enjoy them a lot. They’re busy little things, always moving around with such industrious determination that I diligently avoid treating them with the derisive contempt I employ for the ever-present cluster flies. It’d be like insulting a German housewife – simply unacceptable! 🙂
Northern Minnesota


Dear Iratwo,
Thanks for sending us your great photo of a harmless Pseudoscorpion.  We are also joyed to hear about your tolerance in the home.

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