Probably Woolly Bear Hatchlings

Subject: What are these?!?
Location: Coral Springs, Florida
April 8, 2016 4:15 am
Dear Bugman, what are these little guys?They were on a wall inside my house this morning. At first I thought they were ants buy they are about half the size. They appear to be some kind of worm – with legs? Until I took the picture I couldn’t see the legs at all. They weren’t really moving, except to rear up at me when I got close.
Signature: Squirmy Wormies!

Probably Woolly Bear Hatchlings
Probably Woolly Bear Hatchlings

Dear Squirmy Wormies,
These are newly hatched Caterpillars, probably from the subfamily Arctiinae, the Tiger Moths.  The caterpillars of Tiger Moths are frequently called Woolly Bears because of their furry appearance.

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  1. Do woolly Bears have yellow face,in my flowers box and seems to lIke milkweed ?no other color except a little yellow tint at luck last year with bag banded bears.


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