Probably Potter Wasp from India

another scary bug in my cottage in India
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India
December 11, 2011 10:19 am
Hi – thanks for identifying the Assassin Bug for me last month, and now I’ve found another, even more bizarre thing in my house. Any ideas, please?
Signature: Steve Sargent

Potter Wasp, we believe

Dear Steve,
WE are relatively certain, based on the body shape, which is described on BugGuide as:  “First two abdominal segments forming a tapered petiole linking abdomen and thorax.”   Potter Wasps are in the subfamily Eumeninae and your individual might be in the genus
Eumenes.  We found a match for body shape on the Krishna Mohan Photography website, and then we found what really resembles your species on the India Nature Watch website.  Potter Wasps often build nests that resemble small ceramic pots.

Potter Wasp, we believe

Dear Daniel,
Many thanks for identifying my Potter Wasp – and so quickly!  The photos which you pointed me to are amazing, and the information is very interesting indeed.
All the best,

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