Bottlebrush Sawfly from Australia

Subject: Wasp?
Location: Wantirna, Victoria
February 6, 2015 8:03 pm
I found this wasp in my melbourne backyard yesterday. It’s very bright and colorful, orange looks fluro bright and wings have a purple tinge to them. I looked up a few wasps on your site, some of the potters wasps look similar but none have the same markings. Do you know what it is?
Signature: Catherine

Probably Mason Wasp
Bottlebrush Sawfly

Dear Catherine,
We agree that your individual resembles the Potter and Mason Wasps in the subfamily Eumeninae, and though it resembles several individuals posted on the Brisbane Insect website, it is not an exact match for any of them.  We will continue to research this identification.  The antennae on your individual, which appear to arise from a light colored stalk, are quite distinctive.

Probably Mason Wasp
Probably Mason Wasp

Hi Daniel,
My father found a pic online which looks similar. It’s called a wasp-mimic bee
However there isn’t must information about them online.
Very interesting for suburban Melbourne!

Correction:  April 14, 2015
Thanks to a comment we just received, we realized that this is a Bottlebrush Sawfly, Pterygophorus cinctus, a species already represented on our site.

6 thoughts on “Bottlebrush Sawfly from Australia”

  1. Dear Catherine,
    it seems to me that this is a Bottlebrush sawfly – Pterygophorus cinctus. Since sawflies can’t sting, the coloration is probably mimicking a (stinging) wasp, for example Abispa ephippium.

  2. Squatted one in Epping Victoria last week as it was aggressive. It looked unusual and not like anything I’ve seen before so I decided to take a photo . How do I upload pic as proof?

  3. I’ve seen these wasps around my swimming pool on Friday. We live in Lysterfield Victoria.
    My puppy bit it and then I saw the wasp attack my dog.
    Pup went to vet to get help as her face swell up. Never seen these types of wasps around before.


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