Katydid from South Africa: Cymatomera denticollis

Subject: Trichoptera?
Location: sand Forest South Africa
February 20, 2013 5:58 pm
Hello Bugman! I’m finding such a hard time to ID this insect by myself and need a hand. I don’t think this is a neuropteran neither a megalopteran, the very long antennaes confused me and also the size off the bug, too big to be a caddisfly, but could it be a different kind off Trichoptera? apprecite your help!
thanks a lot,the pics are from South Africa
Signature: Barbara Garcia


HI Barbara,
In our opinion, this is a member of the order Orthoptera and the Suborder Ensifera, the Longhorned Orthopterans, which includes Katydids.  Your photo lacks clarity and we haven’t the time to search for a more specific identification at this time.


Hi Daniel and Barbara:
Right you are Daniel. It looks like a Bark Katydid in the genus Cymatomera. It looks very similar to C. denticollis, but according to the ‘Field Guide To Insects of South Africa’  (page 84 and photo 4 on page 85) there are six similar species in the genus. Piotr Naskrecki provides some interesting comments in his photo blog ‘The Smaller Majority’. Regards.  Karl

Thanks Karl,
We depend upon Piotr Naskrecki for many Katydid identifications and we didn’t realize he has a blog.



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  1. Yeah, I got this pics from my fiance and they really don’t have a good resolution which makes the job harder. Thanks a lot anyway, it makes sense to be an orthopteran I think I can see jumping legs now………:) and this long antennaes , ok a Tettigoniidae !!!


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