Probably Katydid Eggs from Australia

Subject:  What are these strange pods?
Geographic location of the bug:  NSW, Australia
Date: 12/26/2018
Time: 03:36 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  I have these brown pod things in my cupboard outside. They’re about as wide as my finger and are stuck to the underside of a shelf lengthways. They appeared a few days ago. It is summer.
How you want your letter signed:  Should I be afraid?

Probably Katydid Eggs

Dear Should I be afraid?
Though your image lacks critical sharpness, we nonetheless believe these are Katydid Eggs.  Here is an image from Bower Bird of Australian Katydid Eggs.  Katydids are similar to Grasshoppers, and they will feed on plants in the garden, but they should not cause you any fear, though large individuals, especially predatory species, can have powerful mandibles that could conceivably deliver a painful bite, so they should be handled with caution.

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