Probably Immature Surinam Cockroach

Subject: What kind of roach is this?
Location: Southern Louisiana
May 30, 2016 2:26 am
Usually I see flying cockroaches or the wingless females, this one I’ve never come across. It’s darker in color with shorter legs and antennae. I never kill anything I find indoors, but I like to observe them before setting them free outside.
I was just curious since this one isn’t the usual kind I find.
Signature: #buglivesmatter

Female Sand Cockroach
Probably Immature Surinam Cockroach

Dear #buglivesmatter,
At first we thought that this was a flightless female Sand Cockroach in the genus
Arenivaga, and though BugGuide does not list any species in Louisiana, that just means no one in Louisiana has submitted any images to the site.  There are several species listed in nearby Texas, including the Boll’s Sandroach, which is pictured here on BugGuide.  The more we looked at your individual, the more we began to doubt that it was a Sand Cockroach.  We now believe, based on this BugGuide image, that it is an immature Surinam Cockroach, Pycnoscelus surinamensis, a species that according to BugGuide has “Nymphs look similar to the Oriental cockroach but can be easily distinguished by the rough appearence of the posterior abdomen.”  It is difficult to make out that detail in your image, so we would not rule out that it might be an immature Oriental Cockroach.  Of the Surinam Cockroach, BugGuide notes:  “Reproduces through parthenogenesis in the US, where no males are found. It has two sexes in some parts of the world (Europe and Indo-Malaysia), though. Unlike many roaches, the egg capsule is retained inside the female’s abdomen until young are ready to emerge.”

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