Paper Wasp

what type of wasp/hornet?
I have looked through your (site as well as a few of your linked sites and haven’t found a match for the (hornet?) in the attached photo. I found this guy hanging out in one of my papaya trees today and he seemed very interested in staying there despite my sticking a camera in his face. He would get agitated with me and buzz by my head only to go back to the same spot in the tree. He was alone and I saw no evidence of any kind of nest. I am in central Florida. Any help in identifying him would be appreciated. I also think you have a great site here and I plan on bookmarking it for future reference.
Thank You
Wendy Hicks

Hi Wendy,
After consulting with Eric Eaton, we are 99% sure this beautiful wasp is in the genus Polistes, but we do not recognize the species. We will continue to try to get a more definite identification.

Ed. Note: This just came in: (09/25/2005) “recently posted wasp
I am almost 90% sure that this particular was is a Golden Paper Wasp Polistes fuscatus Let me know what you find out. thx,
James Woodman”

Update:  January 19, 2018
A recent comment informed us that this is Polistes major major, which is represented on BugGuide.

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  1. This is actually a male P. major major. Orange antennal tips won’t occur in P. fuscatus or in the Golden Paper Wasp, P. aurifer.


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