Carpenter Bee from Pakistan

Subject: bug id
Location: rawalpindi Pakistan
March 3, 2014 4:04 am
Need identification of this bug. Please help. Thanks
Signature: hijab

Carpenter Bee, we believe
Carpenter Bee

Dear hijab,
Does this insect have two wings or four wings?  It is very difficult to make out some details, but we at first thought this might be a Bot Fly.  Upon enlarging your images and attempting to lighten them, we now believe it is a Carpenter Bee.  See the images on the Nature, Cultural and Travel Photography Blog of Pakistan for some additional photos of living specimens of Carpenter Bees.

Carpenter Bee, we believe
Carpenter Bee

Hi there
Thanks a lot for quick response.
I don’t really remember 2 or 4. But I remember they were transparent and had some colors in them .
I’ve attached photo of degradable plastic spoons of same color as wings.

Hi again Hijab,
Thanks for sending the photo of the plastic cutlery, but we will not be adding it to the posting.

Carpenter Bee, we believe
Carpenter Bee, we believe

Oh yes I Googled. It is carpenter bee. You are right.
Thank you.



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