Subject: Moth-like crocodile-spider-bat looking creepy big thing
Location: HINTON NSW
December 13, 2015 1:27 am
Hi bug man. Any idea what this is? Discovered in the afternoon at Hinton NSW 12-12-15. Roughly 10 cms long.
Signature: Anthony S

Privet Hawkmoth

Privet Hawkmoth

Dear Anthony,
Thanks to the Butterfly House website, we have identified your Hawkmoth as
Psilogramma casuarinae, but no common name was provided.  We find the site’s description less than flattering for this pretty moth:  “The adult moth has long narrow forewings which are a boring grey colour, with a darker grey wavy pattern. The hindwings are dark grey, each with a pale area containing a wavy black line at the tornus. The abdomen is grey with a dark dorsal line. The wingspan is can be over 10 cms.”  We found the common name Australasian Privet Hawk Moth listed on FlickR and then verified that on the Australian Museum site where it states:  “When disturbed, male Privet Hawk Moths may make a hissing sound by rubbing together a specialised set of scales and spines at the end of the abdomen.”

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Location: Hinton, New South Wales, Australia

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