I found this beetle(?) on my back patio by my sliding glass door. I am extremely scared of bugs, any type, but I have never seen anything like this before. I live in South Florida (Port Saint Lucie) my backyard has a canal with a lot of trees and bushes. It looks to be around 25 mm in length, it is redish brown with long antennae that curl around and touch the ground. Sorry about my description, I try to stay away and know as little about bugs as possible. The picture may not be great but I was scared to get too close. I have attached it. Let me know if you need a better one and I will try my best.
Thank you, Kim

Hi Kim,
What a beautiful Long Horned Borer you have. The species is Prionus imbricornis. These are large reddish beetles. Your species is a male, identified by his longer, thicker antennae. Larger specimens can reach nearly two inches in body length. The larvae bore in oak, chestnut and other hardwood trees. They also live in roots of herbaceous plants.

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