Prionid from Thailand

Subject:  I.D. of a Very Irritated Bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Thailand
Date: 09/15/2017
Time: 02:45 AM EDT
Greetings! If you could I.D. the attached bug, I would deeply appreciate it, as these manaical carnivores are rampaging throughout my house! I stuffed one in a jar, and it ate an entire snack bag of sweet pork jerky. I’m afraid I’m next on the menu. Thank you in advance for your efforts.
How you want your letter signed:  Suzanne Jamsrisai


Dear Suzanne,
This is a Prionid in the subfamily Prioninae.  It resembles 
Dorysthenes (Paraphrus) granulosus which we found on the World Wide Cerambycoidea site.  They are not maniacal carnivores, though the mandibles of large individuals might deliver a painful bite.

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