Smiling Mantis
I found this Praying Mantis peepin in my bedroom window in Dayton, Ohio. He looks as if he is smiling. lol. I thought maybe you would like to add this photo to your archive of smiling Mantidae. I thought it was a good close-up. Thanks again for your wonderful site.
Terry in Dayton, Ohio

Hi Terry,
Your “Peeping Tom” Preying Mantis photo is pretty funny. We can’t help but wonder: “whatever were you doing to capture that mantid’s attention?”

Beleive it or not, I was looking at some photo’s on your website when something caught the corner of my eye and there he was on the window. He may have been looking at some of his relatives on my monitor. I immediately grabbed my camera. It was as if he was posing for me. Its unknown if he can read but he sure does like looking at pictures. I think the monitor captured his attention. (Or maybe he was looking at his reflection in the glass. More plausible). In any case it was great to see such a beautiful creature so close up. I didn’t know they could climb straight up on glass. Pretty cool. Thanks for your response.

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