Preying Mantis from South Africa

Springbok Mantis?
Location: Grootwater, Limpopo, South Africa
July 26, 2011 3:32 am
Hello Bugman,
Going through some photo’s from my stay in South Africa and found these pictures of my close encounter with a praying mantis. A few of my South African friends said it is probably a inmature springbok Mantis, but this is probably a local name for the fellow. Could you guys be more specific?
Signature: Jan

Preying Mantis

Hi Jan,
We have learned in doing the research for this posting that the Springbok Mantis is native to South Africa, but it has gained notoriety because it was accidentally introduced to New Zealand where it is displacing the native Mantids.  We cannot say for certain that your individual is or is not an immature Springbok Mantis.  The stance and carriage of the abdomen is unusual, though not unique among Mantids.  We cannot locate a photo of an immature Springbok Mantis for comparison, and the photos of adult Springbok Mantids do not show that particular body stance.  You can read about the Springbok Mantis in New Zealand on the Radio Live website and this Hello PHoto Blog.

Immature Preying Mantis, but what species???

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