Preying Mantis, Dispelling Fears and Inspiring Spiritual Promises

Identification Request: No question, just sharing some bug love.
Location: Warren, MI
November 14, 2011 1:07 pm
We found this little girl on our fence the other day. 2 of my girls ran screaming, but then came up to hold it after I held it. My other daughter wasn’t afraid at all. It kept trying to climb on top of my head, and I don’t mind bugs, but I have my limits. Hope you enjoy them like we did. Oh, and afterwards, my oldest says let’s go on that creepy bug site to look up if it’s a male or female.
Signature: Trying hard to love all God’s creatures.

Impressionistic Photo of Preying Mantis

Dear ThtlaGc,
The creepy bug site wishes your photo was of higher resolution, but it appears your daughter has a female Preying Mantis in hand.  The bug appears to be fecund.

3 thoughts on “Preying Mantis, Dispelling Fears and Inspiring Spiritual Promises”

  1. Sorry about the resolution. I took the picture quickly with my phone camera. My digital camera is out of commision with a broken screen. Thank you for posting this.

    • When we blew it up really large to see if we could determine the sex of the Mantis, we were amazed at the artful image degradation. As photography instructors, we have been itching to teach a class in cellular telephone photography.


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