Subject: What is this bug?
Location: Marietta, GA
September 6, 2012 2:46 pm
This bug was found where my husband works in Marietta, GA. He took the picture today (Sept 6th) and they work in an industrial park near a small lake, trees, pine straw, etc. We have no idea what it is, can you help?!?
Signature: Ashley F.

Prepupal Hickory Horned Devil

Hi Ashley,
This caterpillar is commonly called a Hickory Horned Devil, and its shape has been altered because it is prepupal, meaning it is about to transform into a pupa.  It appears to be on a hard surface, indicating it was unable to find a place to dig prior to pupation, which is the typical progression of events.  Hickory Horned Devils have been compared to Chinese Dragons by our readers.

Location: Georgia

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