Predatory Stink Bug from Brazil

Location: Londrina. Brazil
June 23, 2011 10:07 am
That’s a killer.
Signature: Aloysio Paschoal

Predatory Stink Bug eats Stink Bug

I’m sending the other photos by e-mail.
I’m having trouble to send the images. Always come back with an error.
Love the site
Thank you

Predatory Stink Bug eats Solitary Bee

Hi Aloysio,
That is one interesting Predatory Stink Bug you have there in Brazil.  Your first photo shows it feeding on another Stink Bug that might even be an immature member of the same species.  Your second photo shows it feeding on a Solitary Bee and the third image shows it feeding on a Bee as well.  Your photos are excellent additions to our Food Chain page.  We are copying our webmaster in the hopes that he is able to assist you with the technical problems you experienced.

Predatory Stink Bug feeding on Bee

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