Predaceous Diving Beetle pets produce spawn!!!!!

Predaceous Diving Beetles
July 9, 2010
I have been keeping 3 predaceous diving beetles in a large fish bowl for several months. This morning we discovered several clusters of eggs all over the stems of the aquatic plants in the water. I’m interested in raising the young, but I’m concerned that I might not be able to provide enough food to keep them alive. I’ve been trying to research food sources online, and have found nothing except maybe mosquito larvae that would work for the new beetle hatchlings. Any ideas?
Shreveport, Louisiana

Predaceous Diving Beetles

Hi Mike,
Your insect-aquarium sounds so wonderful.  Do you have a lid on the bowl?  Predaceous Diving Beetles can fly quite well, but the larvae are totally aquatic and are known as Water Tigers.   When they hatch, the young Water Tigers will  most likely prey upon one another, eliminating the smallest and weakest.  As they grow, you can probably feed them live tubifex worms or red worms which are also sold at most aquarium stores.  Since they cannot fly, the larvae can also be placed in a larger container outside and they will be able to feed upon any mosquito larvae that develop in the tank.  Newly born guppies will serve as a nice food supply as they begin to grow.  Luckily, they will not need to eat daily.  Good luck with this awesome opportunity.

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