Predaceous Diving Beetle

Wondering what this is?
Location: Bemidji, MN (Northern MN)
January 27, 2012 6:34 am
My little 4 year old and I were trying to Google and identify this tonight. We were unsuccessfull so I’m writing to you for help. We took these pictures on 4/25/2011 at 10pm. It was outside our side door of the garage. We lived in the woods, thick with almost 40 year old red pines (planted as a tree farm, and then a couple homes were built within). Within a quarter mile is a small stream and wet land area. Hope this helps.
Signature: Thank you! Krissy H.

Predaceous Diving Beetle

Dear Krissy,
This is a Predaceous Diving Beetle, and as its name indicates, it is an aquatic insect, however, it is also capable of flight if its pond dries out, runs out of food, or it seeks a mate.  It is in the family Dytiscidae (See BugGuide) and we cannot provide you with an exact species name, but perhaps Markikavana will write in with an identification.  The predatory larvae of Predaceous Diving Beetles are sometimes called Water Tigers.

Thank you so much.  I really appreciate it!  I think I made a donation to your site the day you sent me this email, now I can’t find a receipt.  Can  you tell if I indeed made the donation, sometimes I sit down to do something and can finish it due to my 4 year old–he doesn’t like it when I’m on the phone or computer.
Thanks again!
Krissy Hughes

Thanks for your kind intentions Krissy.  We will copy our webmaster who keeps track of website finances to see if he can verify the donation.

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