Could u help me with this bug please?
Location: Bradstown ky
July 29, 2011 11:49 am
My friend found this caterpillar by the creek in our back yard. The closets thing i can find in your section is the Hickory Horned Devil? I am going to try to keep it and watch it transform but need to know what it is and how to take care of it.
Signature: Sue

Pre-Pupal Hickory Horned Devil

Hi Sue,
You are correct.  This is a Hickory Horned Devil, and it is pre-pupal, meaning it is about to pupate.  Hickory Horned Devils pupate underground.  For some reason, this individual did not bury itself.  You can put it in a container with loose earth and lightly bury it.  You will need to keep it from drying out, but the earth should not get soggy.  An adult moth should emerge next June or July.  You should keep it in a sheltered place over the winter that does not get too warm, like an unheated porch or garage.

Location: Kentucky

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