Powderpost Beetle

little bugger
I found this little bugger in my hair this morning after getting out of bed. It moves very slowly and cannot right itself when upside down. It is about 1/4" long. Any ideas? Hopefully it came in from outside and is alone.
Kennesaw, GA

Hi Frank,
This sure looks like a Powderpost Beetle. Here is an Ohio State site with much information. Here is a quote from the site: “Powderpost beetles can be found in dead as well as dried and cured lumber. Damage occurs to many wood products such as rafters, joists, flooring, molding, paneling, crating, furniture, antiques, tool handles, gun stocks, fishing poles and baskets. Sometimes homeowners hear rasping or ticking in the wood at night, notice a blistering appearance on the wood, see powdery frass piled below holes in the wood, find numerous round or oval exit holes at the wood surface, and even collect powderpost beetles around windows or lights. Mistakes are sometimes made determining if the infestation is active or non-active. “

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