Potter Wasp from Portugal

Thread-waisted Wasp in Portugal
Location: Portugal (37º31’55.23”N 8º26’33.53”W)
November 18, 2011 1:28 pm
Please can you help me identify the attached picture of a Thread-waisted Wasp. The picture was taken on 10th September in southern Portugal while it was building its brood chamber which you can see in the picture. The brood chamber was made on a south-facing stone wall 150 mts above sea level and at the end of a few days the wasp sealed the opening.
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Potter Wasp constructs nest

Hi Frank,
This is actually a Potter Wasp in the subfamily Eumeninae.  They construct a mud nest that is provisioned with food for the developing larva.  Moth Caterpillars are a common larval food.  This posting is postdated to go live in early January.

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