Blue Winged Wasp
Location:  Wake Forest, North Carolina
July 24, 2010 9:42 am
Other than the obvious ”Blue Winged Wasp” I am not sure of anymore specific information on this one.
erica stjohn

Potter Wasp

Hi Erica,
Potter Wasps in the genus
Eumenes, like the individual in your photograph, get their name from the tiny nest constructed by the female which looks like a miniature ceramic pot.

Species Correction courtesy of Eric Eaton
August 11, 2010
Hi, Daniel:
Went through the site and found only a few minor corrections/clarifications, most recent to oldest: …
… Potter Wasp, Wake Forest, North Carolina:  actually Zethus spinipes, not a true potter wasp. …
… Otherwise, either very good or “I can’t help with that:-)”
Is the book out for everybody yet?  If so, I’ll link it to my blog, share on Facebook, etc.  I did get the pre-order e-mail from you.

Thanks Eric,
We can now link to the BugGuide page for the species
Zethus spinipesThe book will be available in October 2010.

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  1. estjohn says:

    Thanks so much for helping me identify this wasp 🙂

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